Company News: Announcing the magnetic certifications program

LONDON, December 2, 2016 - The Magnetic Technologies Company announces the magnetic certifications program, under which a newly created authority, the Magnetic Certification Authority, will certify third party products that have been produced by use of magnetic technologies and or have been magnetically treated, which may then carry the appropriate seal / label, approve and certify producers / manufacturers / companies that have achieved "magnetic technologies compliance" as well as test and certify devices / products that utilise magnetic technologies and grant the use of the "MagTec inside" sticker on them.

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Maria Tsilibitsa
Head of PR
+44 843 849 5786

About Magnetic Technologies Company

Magnetic Technologies Company is the world leader in the field of practical applications of magnetology across all areas of human existence. The company was started by Prof. Tkachenko and other leading scientists in the field, for the purpose of introducing to the world and commercialising the achievements and progress of the field.

Following research conducted over nearly half a century, the company is the owner of the world’s largest data store and intellectual property holder in the field of practical applications of magnetology which includes over 500 research topics/projects conducted by leading research institutes all over the globe.

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